CCD camera 3×3 mm

CCD camera 3x3 mm Medigus
Medigus offers miniature color CCD video cameras for endoscopy in 3mm x 3mm and 1.8mm x 1.8mm sizes, the latter being the smallest CCD video camera in the world. Each camera system includes (1) a miniature camera head with optics plus camera cable and (2) a video processor box with touch panel keypad..
微型彩色CCD摄像机Medigus提供在3mm x 3mm、1.8mm×1.8mm大小的内窥镜,后者是最小的CCD摄像机在世界上。每个相机系统包括:(1)微型相机光学加摄像机电缆头(2)与触摸屏键盘,视频处理器盒
The cameras are ready-for-integration into endoscopes and are suitable as visualization devices for companies that wish to develop their own flexible and rigid video endoscopes. The uniquely designed camera head allows for.
decreased endoscope diameters for visualizing hard-to-access areas of the human anatomy..
The cameras are the proprietary technology of Medigus. All cameras and optics are assembled at Medigus#8217; facilities, in clean rooms designed specifically for this purpose. State-of-the-art optical testing equipment is utilized throughout the assembly process..
相机是Medigus专有技术。所有的相机和光学装配在Medigus # 8217;洁净室的设施,专门为这一目的而设计。最先进的光学检测设备的状态是整个装配过程。
The cameras are used in existing endoscopes of many corporations including some of the major players in the medical device industry. In addition, Medigus offers endoscope design and manufacturing services, using its cameras as well as other proprietary technologies for endoscopy.
Features of the camera systems.
1. Small packaging of camera head specially designed for small diameter video endoscopes..
2. Ready for integration into an endoscope..
3. Durable camera system suitable for reusable medical applications..
4. Completely waterproof..
5. Fully sterilizable..
6. Designed for integration into IEC60601-1,.
IEC 60601-2-18 and IEC60601-1-2 compliant medical devices.
IEC 60601-2-18 iec60601-1-2兼容的医疗设备和。

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