Endoscope micro camera / medical 1.2 mm OD

Endoscope micro camera / medical 1.2 mm OD Medigus
New! Single-use 1.2mm diameter camera! .
For further details about this camera or to request a quote, please send an e-mail to: camera@medigus.com.
The outer diameter size of this revolutionary camera is only 1.2mm x 5mm long and is by far the smallest video camera in the world. The medical micro camera, which is based on an advanced CMOS image sensor, offers high performance at low cost and combines superb sensitivity, resolution and dynamic sensitivity..
When purchased in large quantities,the micro camera module is completely disposable eliminating the need for the very costly sterilization process commonly associated with endoscopic procedures. As such, the camera is designed to be incorporated into single-use endoscopes or used in various diagnostic and surgical medical procedures. .
In terms of price, the camera is suitable for single-use only when purchased in large quantities..
The camera is also suitable for various industrial, mechanical and inspection applications and can also be integrated into borescope, devices for Remote Visual Inspection (RVI), Non-destructive Testing (NDT), Machine Vision systems etc..
The camera system includes the camera and a video processor.

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