Videoscope Medigus

Videoscope Medigus Medigus
Medigus provides services to third party companies including design and manufacture of endoscopy systems using its proprietary technologies. Medigus specializes in small diameter videoscopes, which are based on the company’s miniature CCD CMOS video cameras for endoscopy..
Medigus提供服务的第三方公司,包括设计和制造的内窥镜系统使用其专利技术。Medigus专业小直径内窥镜,这是基于公司的微型CCD CMOS视频摄像机的内窥镜..
Medigus develops advanced technology for endoscopy and has a platform technology for endoscopy which includes a video processor unit, ultrasound positioning system, illumination source and insufflation/irrigation apparatus.

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